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新疆风彩96期18选7:Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine

Cellophane Over Wrapping Machine
Model: LS-180
Unit: Set
Origin: Shanghai,China
Min order: 1
Packing: Wooden case
Transportation: Container Freight & International Multimodal Transport
Payment: L/C
Product Description:
This machine is widely applicable to automatically single package of all kinds of box-shaped articles in the trades of medicine, health products, food, cosmetics, stationer's goods and audiovisual products. It's desirable three-dimension packing equipment for box-shaped medicines, pokers, cigarettes, box-shaped VCD and tapes.


This machine is elaborately designed and altered on basis of absorbing and digesting equipments from Chinese and Overseas. Adopting imported digital-indication frequency converter and electrical elements, this machine has character or operating stably, sealing firmly, smoothly and beautifully. It functions as automatically single packing or strip and box-shaped packing, pushing boxes, folding, heat sealing, packing, counting and automatically cementing anti-forging line, step less adjustable packing speed. When it lacks of boxes, it automatically never let film go down. You just need to replace film-fold frame and a few parts to pack different specification of box-shaped articles. It is useful to increase the grade and additive value of product as well as storage period of products. It features damp proof, dust proof, anti-forging and easily removing.
Technique parameter:
Packing Speed 20-120 Boxes/minute
Packing Dimension(mm) L40-160  W20-100  H10-45
Voltage 380V  50Hz
Total Power 3.25Kw
Weight 650Kgs
Dimension For Main Machine(mm) 2000× 850× 1480
Dimension For Transmitting(mm) 1020× 540× 1100


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